Endless Mop Stone South Sea Pearl and Black Spinel Lariat Necklace


Pearl Type: South Sea
Pearl Size: 8mm+
Pearl shape:
Drop Shape

Stone:  3mm Faceted Black Spinel & Mop Stones in Clover shape
Length:  64″

Availability: 59 in stock

Modern and minimal, this necklace makes an eye-catching, effortless statement. A composition of black spinel beads, clover shaped mop stones, and South Sea pearls are arranged along the 64″ cord to create a continuous strand. Eclectic and easy-to-wear, this necklace can be worn doubled, tripled or wrapped around 4 times! Perfect alone, it also adds new life to your favorite layered looks.


All the size and length are approximate .  Due to the natural characteristic of pearl, quality, shape & colour may be slightly vary from photo. And should be subject to the actual delivery. 


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